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Soft Washing Services

roof treatment/cleaning
house (exterior structure) treatment/cleaning
concrete treatment/cleaning
deck – fences – wood treatment/cleaning
gutter treatment/cleaning

(power) Pressure Washing

sure.  however, there is a good chance we can soft wash it and get better results!!!  Ask the soft wash pros at Soft Wash Wizard now at 704-794-8455


concrete brightening
gutter brightening

Tree Trimming

small branches that are close to the roof or gutters

low hanging branches in the yard

growth too close to the house/structure

Gutter Cleaning (internal)

removal of leaves, dirt, and other debris from inside the cutters and downspouts

Gutter Cleaning (external)

aluminum streaks and stains over time, bring it back to life with Soft Wash Wizard’s gutter brightening treatment!

Residential Services –

Your home is the biggest financial investment most will ever enter into. The Soft Wash Wizard team has the knowledge and know how to provide the most professional and pleasant customer experience possible to all of our clients.  Roof cleaning,  exterior house washing,     driveways,  sidewalks,  decks, fences, gutter cleaning,  you name it when it comes to exterior cleaning.   Our team will treat you and your home with respect and will strive to exceed your expectations every time!  Our Soft Wash Wizard sales representative will perform a comprehensive review so that we may fully understand your requirements and can recommend a safe (non pressure) service or another one of the cleaning/treating services if needed. They will then create a personalized cleaning service plan that fits within your budget.  Much of our business comes from clients’ referrals.  This makes us at Soft Wash Wizard very proud!   We feel that it shows the validation of our commitment and dedication to each and every client.   We believe that every client’s needs are special and each project is an important relationship for us.  Soft Wash Wizard specialists and service providers are committed to achieving what it takes to make our clients satisfied.  We want to leave a property with the client pleased with the service that we performed and to be the first name they think of when in need of a service that our team provides!

What our residential clients should expect from our service team

  • Detailed written estimates for all projects
  • High quality cleaning/treating services at a fair price
  • Professionals that are respectful of your home
  • Fully trained, licensed, uniformed, and insured workers
  • An office support staff and infrastructure to assist you
  • A 2-year warranty on our services
  • A guarantee that we will do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients



Commercial Services –

Soft Wash Wizard can handle your commercial cleaning project no matter the size and scope. We have a history of demonstrated success with our soft wash team that has cleaned roofs and exteriors of store fronts, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, government buildings, and much more.

As a property manager, association member, or business owner you strive to provide the best services for your clients.  As a quality cleaning/treatment service provider, our goal is to work with you as a valued partner to help your achieve your desired results!

What does the Soft Wash Wizard offer our Commercial Clients

  • A comprehensive project plan based on the scope of work
  • Full compliance with third party groups
  • Fully trained, licensed, roof cleaner in uniform, and insured workers
  • An office support staff and infrastructure to support our commercial clients
  • Flexible scheduling to minimize the impact on tenants and residents
  • Licensed and Insured

Property Management

First impressions can be key!  A well maintained complex or community improves property value and residents’ quality of life.  You do not want to expose your property or patrons to improper or unprofessional cleaning techniques.  That is why the team at Soft Wash Wizard offers a full range of services no matter how large or small your property!


  • HOA and POA
  • Condominiums and Townhomes
  • Apartment Homes and Complexes
  • Retirement Communities
  • Office complex and Strip Malls
  • Resorts, Hotels, Motels and more!

Routine Maintenance Programs

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually!

The team at Soft Wash Wizard allows you to keep your community or complex looking its very best all year round.  When you become part of the Wizards’ routine maintenance program, it eliminates the hassle and inconvenience of having to schedule various services throughout the year.   The crew simply shows up at your property on the pre-scheduled date and time and handles all your exterior cleaning maintenance needs!



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