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Under New Ownership!

We are excited to announce new ownership of Soft Wash Wizard, LLC now based in Concord, NC. Beth and Matt Hallet are the new owners/operators of Soft Wash Wizard, cleaning siding roofs, gutters, concrete, decking and more.


We are using the same gentle soft-wash technology to take care of your home or business and make it sparkle! We would be happy to give you a free quote. Serving Cabarrus, Stanly, Rowan and Mecklenburg counties, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you to improve the look and value of your property.

Spring Soft Washing

Spring Soft Washing is right around the corner

I know it has been warm this winter and it has already felt like spring outside, but don’t wait until the neighbors are in your back yard to realize you need the Soft Wash Wizard because you have black streaks on your roof and green spots on your homes siding!  Call today for your free no obligation quote 704-794-8455!

Soft Washing can be done all year long, but why wait until you are attempting to enjoy your home and your yard when the crew at the Soft Wash Wizard can wave their magic wand and have your property looking brand new!

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall all you have to do is call!



Show Winner! internal gutter cleaning

2017 Internal Gutter Cleaning Winner

The Soft Wash Wizard would like to congratulate Sharon F. of Harrisburg, NC for being the 2017 Charlotte Home & Landscape Show winner of the Soft Wash Wizard’s free Internal Cutter Cleaning! 

Her home will receive a free internal gutter cleaning from the crew at Soft Wash Wizard!

Thank you to everyone that stopped in the booth and helped make this such a wonderful event for the Soft Wash Wizard.

13th Annual Greater Charlotte Home & Landscape Show

soft wash wizards booth

soft wash wizards booth

Visit The Soft Wash Wizard at their booth

The soft wash wizard will be at the13th Annual Greater Charlotte Home & Landscape Show again to help educate what soft washing is and what it means to the exterior of your property!

Stop to see the wizard, ask about is potions for soft washing a variety of surfaces: roof, brick, siding, concrete, gutters, patio furniture and more!

Wizard at the home show

Soft Wash Wizard would like to thank you Cabarrus County!



Winter Soft Washing

Winter Washing

roof soft washing

The Soft Wash Wizard has the advantage that the region we reside in allows for year round treatment/cleaning to be preformed.  Depending on the service(s) the wizard can work around the clouds and cold fronts to complete any and all jobs during the cold winter months and have you ready for spring before the first bloom appears in your yard this spring!

Winter Work

window treatment

The crew at the Soft Wash Wizard offers a variety of soft wash services.  We will gladly perform all, some, or just one for you!  If you have specific needs please do not hesitate to ask!  The crew is always happy to please.

soft washed home

Like new without the new price!  Soft Washing with the Soft Wash Wizard!

soft washing in all seasons

seasonal soft washing

Most people think of outside work as seasonal work.  Soft Washing is not exempt from those misconceptions.  As long as the outside temperature is up above the freezing mark, the crew at the Soft Wash Wizard can perform its magic!  We use a not water machine to do all are mixing, rinsing, and washing anyway.  So don’t think that having your home or office treated or cleaned will have to wait until spring.

fall soft washing

In fact, having your home soft washed before spring hits and everything in your yard starts to bloom is ideal for all your plants!  No chance is stunning or shocking anything in the yard if the service is performed when everything is still dormant.  However, the crew at the Soft Wash Wizard will be happy to clean/treat your home in any season, including spring!

Halloween might be over, but there is mildew to be scared off!

What’s lurking in the dark

(Gloeocapsa Magma) can damage your roof!  This premature degradation of your roof can end up costing thousands of dollars over time.  The algae and bacteria on your roof can become airborne and spread!  Not only just to other roofs but also into the air that we breathe!  Airborne contaminants have the potential to cause discomfort and health issues for people with asthma and allergies.

How to save your home and those inside

The roof cleaning process that is practiced by the Soft Wash Wizard has been developed over the last two decades and is the process that is recommended by the leading asphalt shingle and tile manufactures.  The Soft Wash Wizard crew has proven that the soft wash roof cleaning process is the only technique that will clean the roof, kill the algae/mold/bacteria that is damaging the roof, and result in a long lasting and properly cleaned roof!

Commercial Property Washing

Commercial Property Washing

commercial soft washing

commercial soft washing

It does not matter what size building, bus, boat, the Soft Wash Wizard has the potion to make what ever it is clean again!!!

Metal Buildings

Block Buildings

Vinyl Sided Buildings

Brick Buildings

Stucco Buildings

We will clean any building with are proven soft wash system.


The crew at the Soft Wash Wizard tower over the competition!

soft wash wizard soft washing

soft wash wizard soft washing

Soft Wash Wizard in the Fall

What can Soft Wash Wizard do for you in the fall!

before gutter cleaning

Everyone with gutters should have their gutters cleaned out every year!  And if you have trees in your yard you most likely should clean those gutters more than once in the year.  Clogged up gutters can cause damage to your home or business.  Don’t let something as simple as cleaning out gutters go unmanaged when all you have to do is call 704-791-8315 to get a free quote from the pros at Soft Wash Wizard!


after gutter cleaning

There are plenty of other services the crew at Soft Wash Wizard can help you with big or small.  And of course the Wizard can handle all your Soft Washing needs!

what can you soft wash?


Laurel Park doing SSW gazebo 002

big things

little things

mobile things







dirty table needed soft washing

dirty things made…

clean table after soft washing








asphalt shingles

slate shingles


any surface mold, mildew, or algae grows and you want it dead!

before soft washing

after soft washing