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What is the right temperature for soft washing?

Outside temperatures

More often than not, property owners wait till spring to have there exteriors soft washed.  And that is often a result of the temperature outside.  While it does need to be around 50 deg. Fahrenheit or above for the wizards potion to work properly the cleaning season can go all year in this region of North Carolina.  With average temperatures in the mid sixties already, the soft wash season is in high gear!  The right temperature for soft washing is NOW!

So get your free quote today!

Spring is just around the corner, get your spring cleaning appointment early!

Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year when we start to shed the winter coats and come out of hibernation from within our homes only to discover that everything has gotten a bit dingy over the cold months!

Planning that back yard barbeque or outdoor gathering

Don’t wait until the last minute to call the Soft Wash Wizard to clean/treat that deck or patio before all the guest arrive!  Spring means spring cleaning!   When spring time hits, are phone rings off the hook!  While spring means go go go for our crew it makes it more difficult to fit in those last second jobs.  So if you were thinking about calling, but wanted to wait until it was warmer out DON’T!!!  Call today to get your free no obligation quote and set up your appointment NOW!  Even if you do not want to have the work done for another few months, it is always better to plan ahead!

this spring cleaning, let the professionals at Soft Wash Wizard soft wash your property (don’t forget about our two your warranty)







Cold Months

When the temperature is below 50ºF

Even though we reside in a part of the country that is not known for long cold winters the temperature still gets in the way of working outside.  So when the temperature drops below 50ºf the Soft Wash Wizard is “frozen”.  This is the temperature in which the wizards potion starts to lose it effectiveness in cleaning/treating.  So when we are in the middle of winter we still schedule work and do jobs.  However, we are at the mercy of Old Man Winter.   Cleaning/Treating in the warmer months does NOT mean better results. 

Winter Cleaning

Now that winter is officially here it is a common thought that it is to cold outside for having soft washing or winter cleaning done. The truth is, as long as the temperature is around 50 deg. the Wizard’s Potion can do its magic! With the use of a hot water machine the crew can control the temperature of the Potion and the water when rinsing. There is no benefit to having the cleaning/treatments done in warmer months of the year. So call or email the Soft Wash Wizard for your free quote!