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Halloween might be over, but there is mildew to be scared off!

What’s lurking in the dark

(Gloeocapsa Magma) can damage your roof!  This premature degradation of your roof can end up costing thousands of dollars over time.  The algae and bacteria on your roof can become airborne and spread!  Not only just to other roofs but also into the air that we breathe!  Airborne contaminants have the potential to cause discomfort and health issues for people with asthma and allergies.

How to save your home and those inside

The roof cleaning process that is practiced by the Soft Wash Wizard has been developed over the last two decades and is the process that is recommended by the leading asphalt shingle and tile manufactures.  The Soft Wash Wizard crew has proven that the soft wash roof cleaning process is the only technique that will clean the roof, kill the algae/mold/bacteria that is damaging the roof, and result in a long lasting and properly cleaned roof!