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paint removal from concrete

Red paint on concrete!

paint on concrete!

No one wants to come home to find that someone spilled paint on their concrete driveway.  It is even worse to come home to find red paint has been spilled and the run over in the driveway!!!

Relax!  No need to worry when you are in the service area of the Soft Wash Wizard!  Are crew has the equipment and know how to make this unsightly stain disappear!  You do not have to damage your driveway, you back, or you wallet.  Just call the Soft Wash Wizard for your free no obligation quote today at 704-791-8315.

red paint on concrete

paint removal

and with a wave from his wand…

clean (no paint) concrete

the Soft Wash Wizard has worked his magic!!!


The Soft Wash Wizard can remove a variety of stains from concrete and other surfaces too!