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What’s eating the roof?

Why are roof stains happening?

These roof stains, often mistaken for “roof mold,” are the dead cells of a hardy algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  The algae grow on the north side of the roof that gets the least amount of sun and stays damp the longest.  They feed on the crushed limestone filler in the shingles and grow and darken until removed. Airborne algae spores are carried from roof to roof and can infest a whole neighborhood.  The organism Gloeocapsa produces a dark-pigmented sheath to protect itself from ultra-violet rays. As the algae on your roof shingles die off, the dead cells accumulate and cause the black streaks sometimes referred to as “roof mold.”  These stains can take months, or even years, to appear.
Algae feed on the limestone filler used to give the shingles weight.  Over time the ceramic granules protecting the surface of the shingle begin to loosen and wash off.  This diminishes the roof’s ability to reflect heat rays which can overheat a roof increasing air conditioning bills and shortening shingle life.  Algae on roof shingles also encourages other damaging biological growth such as lichens and roof moss. 
Roof moss and lichens anchor into the top layer of the shingles and remove granules.  Moss and lichens grow up into the gullets or slots of the shingles and along edges causing them to lift and make the roof more prone to wind damage and leaks.  Acting like sponges, moss and lichens keep the roof damp causing even more growth and more damage to your roof!

Clean, Clean, Clean

Spring (clean time)has arrived in the Carolina’s!

The weather is perfect for doing all of those outside activities you have been dreaming about doing from inside all winter!  Now you just have to decide what to do first!!  Fire up the grill, play a few games of corn hole in the backyard, weed out the flowerbeds, go for a bike ride, or clean all the dirty and mildew from the exterior of your home.  Wait, that was not at the top of the list of things you want to do with your spring time.

Let us take care of that spring cleaning  for you so you have more time to do the things that you REALLY want to be doing!  The crew at Soft Wash Wizard will soft wash your home, clean and brighten your concrete driveway and sidewalks, treat your roof, brighten your gutters, we will even clean your boat and RV to get you ready for that weekend trip to the beach or lake!

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