Monthly Archives: October 2014

There is more than just leaves falling straight into your gutters!

Yes, it is that time of the year where instead of just a few leaves and bits of debris landing in your gutters and making there way into your downspouts.  All the leaves are aiming for your gutters and packing themselves in for the winter!  This can lead to only one thing, bad news for your roof!  Water damage is the end result  when clogged up gutters are left unattended.  From a maintenance standpoint gutters should be cleaned out multiple through out the year depending on the amount of debris floating around in your homes area, but fall is the most crucial based on the volume of leaves collecting on your roof and landing in your gutters!  If your thinking to yourself, I don’t have any trees my gutters are fine.  Think again.  Dirt can and will build up in the gutters over time, mixing with glandular from the shingles on your roof.  This sludge will thicken and harden in your gutters limiting the amount of water they can displace.  Leading to water problems and even breaking the gutter away from your home because of the weight.  So this fall, and all year, remember to call the Soft Wash Wizard to get your free quote on gutter cleaning today!