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Soft Wash Wizard is on YOUTUBE!

You Tube – watch the Soft Wash Wizard in action

the Soft Wash Wizard has several videos on YouTube so you can better understand the soft wash process.

What do you want to see the Wizard doing?

Please let us know what kind of videos you would like us to make and post for you.  We will be happy to better educate on the topic of Soft Washing!  Unlike pressure washing which almost everyone understand, soft washing has far more variables involved with the process.   And when cleaning/treating different surfaces, the soft washing process varies for the best results.

Here is the location of some of our videos on YouTube


Please watch are videos and feel free to make comments and/or ask questions.  We are always happy to answer any questions you have about our methods of treatment for any and all surfaces.

What is the right temperature for soft washing?

Outside temperatures

More often than not, property owners wait till spring to have there exteriors soft washed.  And that is often a result of the temperature outside.  While it does need to be around 50 deg. Fahrenheit or above for the wizards potion to work properly the cleaning season can go all year in this region of North Carolina.  With average temperatures in the mid sixties already, the soft wash season is in high gear!  The right temperature for soft washing is NOW!

So get your free quote today!