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Soft Washing Chemicals

This seems to be a common search topic these days. If you have any questions in regards to the chemicals that might be used in soft washing please ask.

 Water alone will not kill living organisms feeding on your home’s or office’s exterior and/or roof! 

Roof Cleaning products as well as products labels House Wash can be purchased at major box stores all across the country.  However these products are diluted, low potency soft washing chemicals mixes that will NOT achieve a 100% kill ratio.

soft washing chemicals

The crew at the Soft Wash Wizard takes every precaution to be as safe on each and every job we perform.  Including rinsing away all the chemicals used in the soft wash process.


Cold Months

When the temperature is below 50ºF

Even though we reside in a part of the country that is not known for long cold winters the temperature still gets in the way of working outside.  So when the temperature drops below 50ºf the Soft Wash Wizard is “frozen”.  This is the temperature in which the wizards potion starts to lose it effectiveness in cleaning/treating.  So when we are in the middle of winter we still schedule work and do jobs.  However, we are at the mercy of Old Man Winter.   Cleaning/Treating in the warmer months does NOT mean better results.