Soft Washing – It’s NOT high pressure


Soft washing is a term used to describe a cleaning method opposite of pressure or power washing. Pressure washing and power washing is the preferred methods of common contract cleaners.  Here at Soft Wash Wizard we utilize this method for certain projects , however we have found that it is not always the best choice for our customers needs. Pressure Washing and Power Washing can and will damage soft surfaces such as vinyl, paint, wood, and shingles if not done correctly.  Soft washing is gentle and non abrasive yet highly effective. We use a custom made soft washing system comprised of chemical solution tanks and “low pressure” pumps to clean and rinse with minimal pressures.  There is no high pressure washers used in our soft washing systems. 

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soft wash wizard soft washing

soft wash wizard soft washing

Our cleaning solutions are comprised of mildew-cides, algae-cides, & surfactants. These solutions are mixed for the specific needs of the surface to be cleaned.  First, the solutions are applied thoroughly to the surfaces targeted and given time to kill the mold, mildew, algae and fungus deep at its roots. Then, we rinse the surfaces thoroughly with “hot” water at garden hose type pressures.  We take care of all plants and landscaping by thoroughly soaking them down and or covering them with plastic when necessary. Soft washing revolutionized the roof and exterior cleaning industry by allowing more carefully metered chemical solutions to be applied to building surfaces for the benefit of cleaning that surface chemically without pressure.

concrete clean me sign

concrete clean me sign

The soft washing approach is based strongly on the spray-and-kill-it technique. The application of a chemical to kill a foreign invader.  Soft washing is and will always be the application of a chemical to a surface where the chemical does all of the killing and cleaning of the microbe.  Soft washing chemicals need only be applied to clean. No pressure is needed for the cleaning, only for the application. Any surface where the chemical can reach will be cleaned by the chemical.

beautiful large roof

beautiful large roof after cleaning/treatment

Soft Washing (i.e. cleaning with chemicals) is the superior method for cleaning exteriors. It’s safer than blasting away with high pressure, and it will do a better job at cleaning the surfaces.  The only time where high pressure is still recommended to a degree, is when cleaning concrete.
I term as cleaning exteriors using the power of cleaning solutions and rinsing with no more than a few hundred psi.


What you should know…

There is no easier way to improve and maintain the attractiveness of your property than to keep the roof and exterior properly cleaned.   The blackened areas and streaks that you see on your roof making it look “dirty” are actually the result of algae and bacteria that are feeding, growing, and spreading on your roof.  In addition to making roofs look as if they need to be replaced, these algae Mary & Monty Cauthen RSW, PWC 002 (Gloeocapsa Magma) can damage your roof and reduce its warranted lifetime.  This premature degradation of your roof can end up costing thousands of dollars over time.  The algae and bacteria on your roof can become airborne and spread!  Not only just to other roofs but also into the air that we breathe.  Airborne contaminants have the potential to cause discomfort and health issues for people with asthma and allergies. The roof cleaning process that is practiced by our crew has been developed over the last two decades and is the process that is recommended by the leading asphalt shingle and tile manufactures.  There are different approaches, techniques, and chemical solutions that have been used for cleaning/treating a roof.   Although, it has been proven that the soft wash roof cleaning process that does contain chemicals when properly applied by trained technicians,  is the only technique that will clean the roof, kill the algae/mold/bacteria that is damaging the roof, and result in a long lasting and properly cleaned roof!

Maintaining the exterior of your property is just as important as maintaining the interior.  A clean building or home makes a person feel at ease with their surroundings and feel good about the space.   Soft washing Charlotte and its sounding areas exterior surfaces is essential since these surfaces are exposed to extreme weather conditions including hot summer heat, intense sun, heavy rains, humidity, and more.  If these surfaces are not cleaned/treated and maintained on a regular basis, these contaminated surfaces will become breeding grounds for algae, moss, and bacteria.  This does not only impact the aesthetic appeal of the property, but the lack of regular cleaning/treating and proper maintenance will lead to premature deterioration and the early replacement of building materials.  The Wizards soft wash experts can clean/treat the contaminated exteriors of your home or place of business!



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